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Chair person

Petra Stephenson

  • Oversight and ultimate responsibility for the running of the choir, its ethos and continuing health

  • Spokesperson

  • Enable efficient management of choir

  • Liaise with MD

  • Chair committee meetings

  • Liaise with choir and external agencies, foster good relationships with such.

Past Chairs

Vice Chair Committee

Ruth Atkinson

  • Support Chair in sharing out jobs to be done

Chair & Committee


Alison Blackburn

  • Maintain minutes and choir records 

  • Receive and deal with correspondence

  • Have contact details on the website

  • Facilitate the work of the committee

  • Arrange committee agendas in consultation with the Chair

  • Circulate minutes and agendas to committee members

  • Organise venues for committee and planning meetings

  • Write letters as requested by the committee

  • Keep petty cash and p/c accounts

  • Arrange the AGM

Chair & Committee


Graham Tyson

  • Oversight and management of the choir's finances 

  • Maintain accounts

  • Produce examined balance sheet at AGM

  • Provide financial information to the committee

  • Advise the committee and MD re: spending plans

  • Prepare the annual budget to facilitate MD and committee with forward planning. 

  • Make annual return to Charity Commission

  • Make annual return to Making Music

  • Collect choir subscriptions

  • Submit Gift Aid claims

Concert Manager & Team Leader

Bryony Dorrington

  • Equivalent of producer.Oversight of planning and  advance arrangements for concerts. Engage musicians and instrumentalists in consulation with conductor and treasurer. Contact accomodation choir members



Perry Besterman

  • Check who will need gifts presented at end of concerts, purchase inexpensive suitable gifts (flowers/wine), wrap as necessary and arrange presentation


Front of House 

Chris and Sara Woolf and Concert Manager

  • Ensure the Front of House crew know dates and times of concerts; ticket and programme prices; reserved seating arrangements; liaise between the crew and the choir as necessary


Concert Rehearsal Refreshments

Ruth Atkinson

  • On concert day rehearsals, ensure the choir have suitable locations and facilities to take their breaks, may include organising an urn for cups of tea etc. or booking meals at a pub


Guest performers

Jacqui Smith      

Anne Fenwick

  • Check who the guests are, arrange changing rooms, refreshments, possible overnight accommodation as required


Interval (Alcoholic) Refreshments

Petra Stephenson

Bryony Dorrington

  • Coordinate with others to apply for licence and arrange interval drinks


Stage Managers

Paul Stephenson

Chris Smirthwaite

  • Oversight of practical arrangements for each concert 

  • Practical arrangements for hired instruments, instrumentalists and singers

  • Plan and direct team to erect staging

  • Health and Safety



Vice Chairman Ruth Atkinson

  • Book portable toilets for St Germans concerts and liaise with suppliers and ensure good management of the toilets



Chris Smirthwaite

  • Lighting


Car Parking

Jane West

  • Check parking facilities at venue, inform choir and guests of facilities, erect signage as necessary, dismantle after event, ensure safe use of parking at all times. For St Germans concerts



Jane West

  • Ensure sufficient suitable signage is at venue, fire routes, toilets, disabled access, entrances and exits, etc.  Add signs as necessary and remove at end of event. For St Germans concerts


Staging Crew

(6 posts)

#1 - Kevan Thorley

#2 - Richard Bowman 

#3 - Paul Mileham 

#4 - Chris Smirthwaite 

#5 - Lesley Foster

#6 - Angela Moore

  • Collection from storage, erecting staging, putting out seating etc. before event. Clearing away after event, returning staging to storage

Website Manager

Cas Smirthwaite Walker

  • Maintain website and update it whenever necessary 

  • Manage system and programming for online ticket sales

  • Maintain choir list online

  • Collect copy by requesting information, photos and articles from other choir members for website. Pro-actively ensure website is as useful as possible to choir members and audience.


Facebook Page

Gill Carey

  • Run the choir Facebook page

Patrons' Secretary

Nicky Walker

  • Encouraging patronage and liaising between choir and patrons 

  • Send information re concerts and events

  • Ticket-booking

  • Reserved seating

  • Liaison with programme editor

  • Organisation of occasional patrons' events

Publicity Manager and Team Leader

Ruth Atkinson

  • Oversight of all matters which publicise the choir

Publicity Assisstants


  • Help team leader with  jobs as necessary 

Online Publicity


  • Adding details of ECBC events and concerts to websites and online diaries, monitoring the use of sites and amending online presence as necessary


Nigel Cooper

  • Contacting the press and other media to get reviewers to attend, ensuring review is written, encouraging it to be published


Publicity Team

  • Design posters for concerts, submit to committee for approval

Poster Distribution

Publicity Team

  • Ensure choir members display posters as widely as possible. Maintain record of poster locations and encourage discovery of new ways to publicise events


Ruth Atkinson

  • Design and print banners. Design and print changeable details for banners.

  • Store and maintain current banners.

Concert Diary Author

Nigel Cooper

  • Research and write the information for the concerts

Concert Diary Editor

Tessa Lewis

  • Collect information about concerts and events for the coming year, collate and typeset with pictures, seek approval from committee, arrange printing

Emailing list

Petra Stephenson  with help from another choir member

  • Maintain list of those who would like to be contacted by the choir

  • Write and send out email advertising mails infrequently

Ticket printing

Publicity team

  • Collecting appropriate data, getting tickets designed and printed

Choir ticket sales

Tessa Lewis

  • Sell tickets to choir members, as advised by online service manager and before rehearsals 

  • Keep a record of how many tickets are sold to each member

Online ticketing system

Graham Tyson 

Gill Carey

  • Maintain system to sell tickets from the website, keep records of sales, liaise with non-web sales people. Communicate sales details to online ticket handler

Gill Carey

  • When details received from system manager, send out tickets as sold from the website.

  • Ensure records from website match records from stubs

Ticket liaison with other sales outlets

Ruth Atkinson

  • Liaise with TiC and other outlets, ensure they have sufficient tickets, update sales information with online systems, collect unsold tickets and monies


Nigel Cooper

  • Research, write, collate programme notes and biographies. 


Tesas Lewis

  • Design and type the programme, seek approval from committee


Paul Stephenson and Anne Fenwick

  • Proof reading

Programme advertising & Sponsorship

Helen Thorley

  • Seek advertising for programmes from various commercial ventures. 

  • Arrange pricing and liaise with programme editors to include advertising as sold. 

  • Send copies of programmes to advertisers. Foster existing sponsorships and seek new opportunities for sponsorship.

Choir Representative

Tessa Lewis

  • Oversight of membership and the arrangements for weekly rehearsals 

  •  Take phone enquiries from prospective members 

  • Arrange auditions 

  • Welcome new members 

  • Maintain membership database 

  • Keep a register of attendance 

  • Compile and circulate a rehearsal/concert dates schedule 

  • Take apologies and forward  to section reps and MD  

  • Update information leaflet for members and new members. 

  • Take general phone /email enquiries from choir members. 

  • Represent choir member's concerns to committee and vice-versa



  • Order and provide choral folders as necessary

Tessa Lewis

Rehearsal venue bookings

Anne Fenwick

  • Check dates for rehearsals with committee, contact Liskeard School, book the hall; continue liaison with school  in case of problems

Bring and Buy Sales Table

Perry Besterman

  • Sell and manage donated books, CDs, plants etc. at rehearsals 

Section Reps: Sops





Helen Thorley & Katie Jones

Liz Titcombe

Paul Stephenson

Carlton Crouch

  • Welcome and mentor new members, systems of the choir (apologies, dress, folders etc.)                                        

  • Pass emails and messages to non-emailing members of this section. Keep webmaster informed of changes to membership and contact details.

Child Protection

Peter Matthews

Helen Thorley

  • Review policy annually.
    Individuals and/or members should express any concerns relating to the welfare of any members under the age of 18 to the CP reps


Scholarships Manager

Peter Matthews

  • Oversight and management of ECBC's scholarship scheme 

  • Raise sponsorship

  • Publicise the scheme to potential scholars

  • Arrange auditions and interviews

  • Arrange presentations

  • Liaise with publicity and programme editor 



Jane West and

Richard Bowman

  • Liaise with MD and concert manager for programme plans 

  • Arrange for hire or purchase of music

  • Keep records of the loan and return of scores

  • Return hired music 


Responsibility for unlocking and locking church hall for rehearsals

Royston Van Tromp

  • Unlocking and locking up of Liskeard Methodist Church Hall for rehearsals and other events, checking all lighting turned off and kitchen locked

Church Booking

Anne Fenwick

  • Book Liskeard Methodist Church and liaise to ensure all is progressing smoothly.  Liaise re: keys, heating, access, use of organ/piano etc.

Posters etc.

Ruth Atkinson

  • Design and print: posters, fliers, application forms, tickets, compliments slips etc.


Ruth Atkinson

  • Liaise with media, flier & poster distribution, slips on seats at other events, online diaries, encourage choir to advertise, email other choirs, music societies and schools, etc. Facebook postings

Guest instrumentalists and soloists

Bryony Dorrington

  • Book  extras as required, host (meals, refreshments, help with travel etc.) and liaise up to the day.


Ruth Atkinson

  • Organise refreshments for all participants