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updated February 2019      

This paper contains essential information for all members.


The annual subscription is currently £120 pa. For singers who are under 20 and/or in full-time education it is £60. You may pay in two or three instalments if you speak to the Treasurer. If you are a taxpayer, Gift Aid allows the choir to benefit from reclaimed tax; the Treasurer has Gift-Aid forms. Subscriptions are due by the end of October or by negotiation with the Treasurer. Members are expected to commit for the whole year so there are no part-year discounts. A member who needs to be absent from the choir for a period and who has not made arrangements to pay in full is liable to be re-auditioned before resuming membership. Please make cheques payable to "East Cornwall Bach Choir" (written in full and not "ECBC"). 

Rehearsals and Commitment     

Weekly rehearsals are held in Liskeard - currently at Liskeard Methodist Church - on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 - 9.30, normally running from September until June. Choir members are expected to attend every rehearsal but it is accepted that health and personal circumstances may occasionally prevent this. Please let ECBC know if you have to be away. Apologies should be submitted online using the Apologies Form in the members’ section or, if you have no internet access, by phoning your section’s Choir rep.

If three or more rehearsals are missed within a term the MD must be informed. The MD, in liaison with the committee, will decide will decide whether or not that member can perform in the concert for which the choir is preparing. 

There are sometimes extra rehearsals as a concert approaches and the afternoon of a concert is usually given over to rehearsing. Rehearsal schedules are available. All members are expected to commit to attending every performance. The current pattern is three concerts a year: in December, April/May and June/July. In addition we hold an annual Singing Day in the spring, which is an important event in our calendar, both financially and as a way of recruiting new singers. All choir members are expected to attend and to help organise the day. If you are unable to take part in a concert or the Singing Day due to unforeseen circumstances or personal commitments please speak to our Musical Director. Choir members are expected to come well-prepared for each rehearsal so that continuous progress can be made. After any absences it is expected that members will attempt to catch up on anything they have missed, by asking a friend, section rep or committee member for details. 



Initial auditions take place within two or three weeks of the first attendance. Established choir members may be re-auditioned from time to time. 



Music is usually available on loan for free, though you may be asked to purchase some frequently-used anthologies. The Choir Librarian has responsibility for hiring, allocating and returning music copies. Choir members are expected to take good care of hired music and to return it in good condition to the Librarian at the end of the relevant concert. Members may be charged for lost or damaged copies.  


Concert Diary      

The Diary is normally available in October/November as a handout and on our website. It gives the choir's concert commitments, dates, venues etc. Please help distribute the diary to potential audience members.  

Concert Dress & Folders




Black shirt and black trousers, black socks & shoes OR Black dinner jacket, white shirt & black bow tie (both needed, for use on specific occasions).



All black: full-length black skirt or evening trousers, black blouse or top (with long sleeves), black shoes.

You will need a black folder for your music for some performances; see your section representative for this.

Concert Jobs

The work of the committee (see below) is supported by the membership: every member of ECBC is expected to contribute some time to the organisation of at least one concert or special event each year. There are specific jobs to volunteer for or you might express a preference for an area of activity e.g. stage management, refreshments, IT and internet, sponsorship and advertising. A full list, including who currently does what, and where the vacancies are, is shown on the website, members' section. Please volunteer your help to a committee member.

Section Representatives


Helen Thorley - Soprano 1  |  |  07970 815268

Katie Jones - Sporano 2  |  |  07779 811520


Liz Titcomb  - Altos  |  |  01579 340942 


Paul Stephenson - Tenors  |  |  01503 262087


Chris Smirthwaite - Basses  |  |  01208 73101

The section representative's role is to communicate information to their section members (and vice versa), to pass on latest developments or information on extra rehearsals or change of venue etc. especially if a singer has missed a rehearsal. Most communication to members is now done by email but section reps will pass on important information by telephone or on paper to those who do not receive emails. Please let your section rep know if you need this communication. Section reps are also a conduit to the committee. If you have concerns or suggestions and cannot speak to a committee member, please talk with your section rep who will pass on your ideas to the committee.


Tickets for Concerts

We ask all choir members to sell at least two tickets for each concert. ECBC aims to achieve a high quality of performance by employing a professional conductor together with professional soloists and instrumentalists. The expenditure for this is considerably in excess of our income from subscriptions and patrons so audiences of 200 or more are very desirable financially.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM is usually held during a (shortened) rehearsal during October; there will be reports from the MD, Chair and others and the Treasurer will provide information about the income and expenditure of the choir. Committee officers and members are elected.

Constitution & Committee

A copy of the Constitution is available to view online. It has been approved by The Charity Commission, and is registered with them. 

ECBC has a committee comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and at least three other members. The committee is responsible for the efficient organisation of the Choir, and for its continuing well-being. It welcomes your feedback, new ideas and constructive comments so please share them with any committee member.      

Emails to any member of the committee should be addressed to the Vice Chair      

at present Ruth Atkinson jatkinson34@btinternet.comho will pass the email to the relevant committee member.


Throughout its history Members of East Cornwall Bach Choir have always behaved politely and respectfully towards one another.


Please be aware that the committee reserves the right to ask any person to leave the choir should their behaviour towards others become a cause for concern.


ECBC Scholarship Fund       

You may wish to consider applying for an ECBC choral scholarship. This offers free choir membership for a year and singing lessons from qualified teachers funded by the ECBC Scholarship Fund.      

If you are interested your section rep will point you in the right direction.      


Our website is The members' private section is accessed by clicking on the Members link in the menu. You will need the login details, obtainable from section reps or any member of the committee.